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Green Monday Hong Kong: the points of interest and impacts on condition


We are all particularly mindful precisely how much the measure of nursery gases we convey impacts our condition. We have seen temperatures change, ice sheets diminish and animals move to different parts of the world in order to keep their condition unfaltering with what it has been over an extensive number of years. Along these lines, Green Monday Hong Kong is about conveying issues to light and recognizing precisely how much damage we are doing while furthermore highlighting how we can have any sort of impact.

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Boat Catering in Hong Kong | Sassy’s Junk Trip Guide


As fabulous as junk trips can be, organising them can be a bit tricky with all the different things to consider. From where and when to go, to which junk company to use – the choice can be a bit overwhelming! Luckily our Sassy Junk Trip Guide is here to help, and we’ve rounded up of some of the best boat hire and catering companies in Hong Kong plus loads of need-to-know tips. Happy sailing girls!

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Catering Hong Kong | Sourcing The Best Ingredients in Hong Kong

There’s little doubt that chefs and their customers alike have a growing interest, not only in what dishes taste like, but where the ingredients have come from. Whether we’re motivated by health concerns, what’s best for the environment, or even simple nostalgia for a dish that tastes just like Mum used to make, quality ingredients sourcing in Hong Kong is at the heart of every great catering service.


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